Greetings from my digital corner! I’m Fernando Mavec, a fearless explorer from Mexico City, blending my career as a Project Management Engineer with an unrestrained passion for arts and sciences.

With over 30 years facing type 1 diabetes and overcoming the near-total loss of vision in 2019, I embraced the word ‘invincible’ as a guiding light on my journey. I believe in resilience, empathy, and being part of something greater in this ever-changing universe.

My professional path has spanned from creative projects to the intricate world of data analysis, wielding sharp skills in Python, Javascript, and the BI realm with Tableau and Power BI.

Here, I merge science with human narrative. My story unfolds in chapters, and I’m excited to share it with you.

We are the stories we tell ourselves, and I’ve chosen to craft one where I am invincible.

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