Welcome to my website. I’m Fernando Mavec, a 36-year-old individual residing in Mexico City, Mexico. With a professional background in Business Administration and currently in the final stages of completing a degree in Project Management Engineering, I’m the kind of person who’s inherently curious about how things tick. This curiosity has led me to dive into the realms of both arts and sciences, ultimately steering my journey through various enterprises encompassing creative projects, design endeavors, visual communication, digital marketing, architecture, web development, and data analysis.

At present, my focus gravitates towards the intricate landscape of scientific projects and data analysis, employing programming languages such as Python and Javascript. I dance with libraries like numpy, pandas, matplotlib, altair, seaborn, and scipy, while also navigating the waters of BI software like Tableau and Power BI, along with a selection of backend frameworks.

Peering into the horizon, my future purpose involves nurturing my expertise in Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and the vast domain of IoT. Certified in AI and Artificial Intelligence, Python-backed Backend Development, Data Analysis and Visualization, and equipped with soft skills like Assertive Communication, Emotional Intelligence, and Personal Development, my aim is to ensure that the bounty of my capabilities and knowledge serves a higher cause.

For me, the pursuit of knowledge stands as an exhilarating endeavor, a constant quest for the novel and the uncharted. I’m steadfast in my belief that my skills and insights are instruments that should orchestrate a symphony of greater good. Every sunrise sees me striving to make this resonance resonate to its fullest.

Thank you for gracing this space with your presence.